In 2015 you can be part of the Summer School of Making of Howest University College and BUDA::lab.

This event is addressed to professionals, graduates, students and PhD-students from several creative-technical disciplines who want to learn hands-on techniques and perfect their making skills. The summer school of making is an intensive experience. Based on your personal interest, you will choose and attend in a set of workshops during the day and open labs in the evening. There’s a camping site on the location itself.

Come and immerge yourself in the topics of design, prototyping, digital development and the internet of things.

Students who want to obtain 3 ECTS credits are more than welcome to work on an interdisciplinary social-cultural design challenge (19-21th of August) led by design & multimedia coaches. The overarching theme for the challenge in 2015 will be The Internet of Things.

Why participate?

  • Lots of creative ideas and new skills to take home with you

  • Meet makers from all over the world: Mexico, Australia, USA, Spain...

  • More than two intensive workshops each day to choose from

  • We believe in a hands on approach: Get those hands dirty!


Wood turning by Guild of Wood Turners

Foam modeling & finishing techniques by PiliPili

Prototyping: quick & dirty by Creax for Barbecook

Soldering & Arduino intro, open source hardware hacking

Modeling & laminating: low density foam, glass fibre & polyester by Hands-on