24/28 August

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n° 24 28 2014


In 2014 you can be part of the summer school of HOWEST University college.

These summer school are addressed to young professionals, graduates, students and PhD-students from several creative-technical disciplines who want to learn extra skills or techniques in 1 intensive week.




Creative Prototyping

Are you interested in tasting different prototyping tools such as laser cutting, 3D printing, wood turning, welding techniques, plastic shaping processes, clay modeling, foam modeling, arduino electronics and finishing techniques for 3D models,...? Creative Prototyping summer school, gives an opportunity for designers, engineers, (PhD) students, teachers, researchers and creative-technical people from all over the world to train their model making skills.

Intensive and hands-on workshops, practice and a lot of fun are on the menu of the week. Every workshop is set up as a ‘learning by doing’ experiment.

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creative prototyping

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Motion Graphics

Why keep pixels on the screen if they can be part of the environment? Motion Graphics summer school, gives an opportunity for digital designers, high-ed students, teachers and creative-technical people from all over the world to explore the crossover of motion graphics & videomapping.

After an introduction to motion graphics and video editing, to prep the footage and motion graphics elements, you create different physical shapes and organise them as an abstract canvas. After this you project everything onto the surfaces with different projection mapping techniques.

motion graphics

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Game Production Pipeline

Are you passionate about video games or even better creating games? Are you learning C#, C++ or Java in your free time? Have you been playing around with 3D software packages? Were you born with a pencil in your hands and have you never stopped drawing ever since?

Then join us for our 5 day Summer course! A week full of exciting activities and hands-on workshops. Get to know the Game Production Pipeline and find out more about concept art, 3D, programming and/or game design!

game production pipeline

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More information (program - accomodation - price) will be provided in January 2014.
For general questions you can always contact:

  • Howest
  • Marksesteenweg 58
  • 8500 Kortrijk (Belgium)
  • T +32 56 24 12 11