This summer school is addressed to students and young professionals from different technical creative disciplines such as digital design, computer development, product design, architecture, industrial design, furniture design, interior design, graphic design and multimedia.

Based on your personal interest, you will choose and attend in a set of intensive and hands-on workshops on creative prototyping OR motion graphics in the first week.

During the second week you can put your learned skills to the test during a creative and interdisciplinary social-cultural challenge in which you’ll have to join forces with the other participants and a group of multimedia and design coaches.

Workshops & Speakers

Why participate?

  • Lots of creative ideas

  • International connections

  • two intensive weeks

  • Hands on approach

Two different creative tracks

Creative Prototyping

“Prototyping is the shorthand of design. Prototyping is problem solving. It’s a culture and a language […]. What counts is moving the ball forward, achieving some part of your goal. Not wasting time”. (Tom Kelley, IDEO). Are you interested in getting a feel for different prototyping tools such as 3D printing, laser cutting, wood turning & bending, welding, clay modeling, foam modeling, arduino electronics, finishing techniques for 3D models, …? Creative prototyping summer school gives designers, engineers, (PhD) students, design teachers, researchers and creative-technical people from all over the world the opportunity to perfect their model making skills. You compose your personal set of workshops. Each workshop is set up as a ‘learning by doing’ experiment in which you get to know and use all the necessary machinery, tools and materials.

Age: 18+


Motion Graphics

Why keep pixels on the screen if they can be part of the environment? Motion Graphics summer school, gives an opportunity for digital designers, high-ed students, teachers and creative-technical people from all over the world to explore the crossover of motion graphics & videomapping.

After an introduction to motion graphics and video editing, to prep the footage and motion graphics elements, you create different physical shapes and organise them as an abstract canvas. After this you project everything onto the surfaces with different projection mapping techniques.

Age: 18+