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Be a buddy

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Want an international experience without even leaving Belgium?

You can be a Buddy to a Howest international student!
Help your international pal feel welcome & open up your world!

Why be a buddy to an international student?

  • To spread your wings
  • To expand your world view
  • To welcome diversity
  • To give someone a sense of home
  • To share your country and culture
  • To embrace new cultures
  • To practice a language
  • To be part of a global community
  • To increase your chances of travelling
  • To increase your chances of getting a study or internship abroad scholarship from Howest
    • If you apply for a study or internship abroad scholarship / opportunity, make sure to mention that you’ve been a buddy as that is one of the criteria for being chosen! It’s no guarantee but it definitely can help!
  • You’ll be invited to all of our International Happy Hours and events!
  • In Kortrijk, you’ll have access, with your international pals and our global community to the Oasis Student Lounge and garden!
  • If you’re a really engaged buddy and share your experience, feel free to ask for a recommendation letter or reference. You’ll receive a buddy certificate too!

Interested in being a buddy during the fall 2017 and / or spring 2018 semester in Kortrijk or Bruges? Contact us!